Mcintosh Lake Estates had their Articles of Incorporation filed on May 8, 2001.
An investment group named Eagle Real Estate and Development company from Lakeland purchased the land and
subdivided it into lots which were sold as Phase I and Phase II. In the beginning, only lots in Phase I were offered
for sale.

Later Phase II was divided and offered for sale. The development company established a homeowner's association
and developed Covenants and By-Laws.
In late 2004 all the lots in Phase I and Phase II had been sold. At that time, the Mcintosh Lake Estates Homeowner's
Association was transfered from the development company to the residents.

Since that time the Mcintosh Homeowner's Association has continued to serve in a supervisory manner to help apply
written standards regarding construction and property care.
( These standards are found in the Mcintosh Lake Estates Covenants and By-Laws. ) Each year, the lot owners
have an opportunity to elect a board consisting of no more than 9 members which act to enforce the Covenants and
By-Laws of the Association.

On January 26, 2010 this year's board was selected by members attending the annual meeting. The Board elected
their officers. To view the Board Members and officers please select the Board member page located on the left
hand side of the web page. 


Welcome new HOA members

Cody Novac
Jonathan Pendino
Ed & Karen Wahl
Ryan Richter & Shannon Calhoun
Jeff Karp
Chris & Sophia Waite




October 2nd 2018

6:30 PM

@ Dover Ball Park

Please plan to attend.